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ED VOKURKA - Jazz & Swing Violinist
»Canadian Jazz Award Winner«


Welcome to the pages of the award-winning jazz violinist in Canada: I have the privilege to receive the prestigious National recognition, and to be declared as the best jazz "Violinist of the Year" by the National Jazz Awards Canada - 2006, at the Gala Event, Old Mill Inn, Toronto, Apr.10/2006. It's an honor and very uplifting to be included in a company of recognized achievers in this very competitive musical field on the Canadian artistic scene. I hope I'll have a chance to be able to share with you my passion and my love of music, and particularly my violin Swing & Jazz unique interpretations. Please check periodically my "Engagements" pages for frequent updatings!

Yours ED VOKURKA, Jazz Violinist.

About Ed

Violinist Ed Vokurka projects with his music a unique blend of European classicism and North American Swing. He possesses a lyricism rarely found in jazz violinist. In his eclectic approach to jazz, Ed is uniquely providing a missing link between his original Classical training and the Jazz world, which he embraces so passionately! 

Born and educated in Prague, Ed Vokurka first studied violin at the Public Conservatory of Music, where he graduated with honors. In 1957 he was All State Winner in the youth competition for classical Piano/Violin Duo, performing the "Violin Concerto in A-maj by Charles Auguste de Beriot". His mastery of violin obtained him a work in many of Prague's better known venues and also appearances on radio and TV. 

In Canada since 1967, he was soon back in the musical groove. Among the musicians he performed with was in 70's the legendary Jazz Violinist Joe Venuti at the now defunct, but well known Toronto's Jazz Club, the "Bourbon Street". During that time Vokurka was very active, playing at numerous other clubs of that era. 
Although he faded from the main stage scene during the 1980's and 90's, only playing for private occasions and at the same time continuously performing as one of the founding members of the popular Mimico Cruising (Yacht) Club house band, the "Mimico Jam", the last few years have seen him back in action again! 

Since Ed's return to public performance, he is periodically featured at the newly renovated ROY THOMSON HALL during the annual Seniors' Jubilee concerts. He appears quite regularly in several of Toronto's leading reputable Jazz clubs. With his well-established reputation, Ed has enjoyed several sold-out shows in the internationally known prestigious "MONTREAL BISTRO & JAZZ CLUB" and one of Canada's world renowned jazz clubs, the "TOP OF THE SENATOR". He has also participated in several leading Canadian jazz festivals. Ed proudly includes in his portfolio invitations to Ontario's world-renowned Stratford Festival Marquee Theatre for exclusive concert nights as part of the festival's eclectic summer musical events. His ensemble has also had exceptionally well received performances at the McMichael Art Gallery Music Series in Kleinburg!

Ed is an international artist: his very successful recent concert tour in the capital city of Prague, Czech Republic, featured a series of sold-out performances as a part of the International Eclectic Festival "Mene Tekel-2008". A concert in the legendary Reduta Jazz Club attracted a "Who's Who" of the Prague artistic community. The prestigious Reduta is one of the oldest European jazz clubs, continuously operated since 1924, and it was this historic venue where President Clinton showed off his saxophone skills during his official European capital cities tour.

These days Ed leads the Ed Vokurka Quintet "Violin Swing & Jazz Ensemble", playing exactly the style of music, which this title implies, suiting the musical tastes of serious knowledgeable connoisseurs of the period related to the tradition of the Hot Club of 1930's Paris, particularly to the main performers of that period and style, 
i.e. the musical legends, innovative guitarist Django Reinhardt & the phenomenal swing violin virtuoso Stephane Grappelli...! Ed's versatility as the musical groups leader and the performer is also demonstrated by his second-alternative group under the name "The Cafe Society", which is reflecting the times of 
French Chansons, popular Broadway musicals, and the early 1900's Vienna styles Operetta or Argentinean Tangos, recreating relaxing and romantic atmosphere of those historical times!

Truly an engaging and exciting performer who puts his all into every note!

A Little More About Ed

Parallel with his musical academic achievements, Ed had also obtained the advanced university degree as the 'Master of Applied Arts & Sciences' (M.Sc.), has been registered member of APEO as P.Eng., and was employed prior to his retirement as the full time professor at the Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto (HCOL) for almost 30-years. During his teaching tenure, Ed was involved with many parallel significant projects, where for example the preparation of the Metric Manual for the Colleges and Universities staff was the first such work prepared on contract in Canada during the early 70's. Ed is physically very active, and beside his music he enjoys during the short Canadian summers his sailboat racing and cruising, and during the winter time he is switching to the weekly regular intensive downhill skiing, locally in Ontario, or at the "big mountains" elsewhere.

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